Day 5 Update

MESSY GAMES! TALENT SHOW! ICE CREAM! Day 5 was a whirlwind of activity, crowd favorites including a color war, paint twister, and a slip and slide. We spent our last full day of Camp Kesem covered in shaving cream, paint, and soaked from head to toe – and loved every minute of it. We were lucky enough to have a special guest, Ann-Marie Saccurato (Phoenix), from Athletes for Hope come and share her story of perseverance and the importance of dreams. Our day culminated in a talent show where campers and counselors showcased their special talents, supported by the cheers of our new friends. Enjoy a few pictures from Day 5!!IMG_0616 (2) IMG_9559 (2) IMG_9598 (2) IMG_9613 (2) IMG_9680 (2) IMG_9877 (2)IMG_9714 (2) IMG_9924 (3) IMG_9927 (2) IMG_9934 (2)

IMG_0610 (2) IMG_0593 (2) IMG_0561 (2)  IMG_0530 (2) IMG_0483 (2) IMG_0470 (2) IMG_0417 (2) IMG_0400 (3) IMG_0390 (2) IMG_0332 (2) IMG_0132 (2) IMG_0126 (2) IMG_0117 (2) IMG_0033 (2)IMG_9935 (2)


Day 4 Update

Our fourth day at camp was jam packed full of awesome activities.  The day started off with a trash bag fashion show where our campers were able to showcase their creativity and come up with some really cool designs.  From there we took the chance to let out some energy and threw water balloons off the balcony onto a tarp below.  Then we had a little preview of our messy games activities with a shaving cream fight.  After lunch we played some field games and our campers got to try their hand at tie-dying.  The afternoon was spent playing in the lake and on the sand.

Day four culminated in our Empowerment ceremony at night.  This time gave our campers a chance to share their story and really feel connected to the Camp Kesem family.  We demonstrated this connection by stringing yarn around each person’s hand and tying off a bracelet so they can carry the memory of this week with them.

It’s almost surreal that there is only one full day left – and were going to make it fun… and MESSY!!!!

Love CK<3

 IMG_8683 (2) IMG_8688 (2) IMG_9117 (2) IMG_9145 (2) IMG_9246 (2) IMG_9276 (2) IMG_9283 (2) IMG_9297 (2) IMG_9313 (2) IMG_9352 (2)  IMG_9386 (2)IMG_9387 (2)IMG_8681 (2)IMG_8705 (2)IMG_8719 (2)IMG_8726 (2)IMG_8747 (2)IMG_8781 (2)IMG_8904 (2)IMG_8915 (2)IMG_9086 (2)IMG_9389 (2)

Day 3 Update

Day 3 was another wonderful day filled with activities from start to finish! The morning activities got us on our feet and running around with a scavenger hunt and some field games. After stretching our legs, we stretched our minds and attempted construct a structure to protect an egg dropped from a balcony onto concrete – with several successful groups!! In the afternoon, we finally had our long-awaited swim in the lake, and the day ended with a dance party where campers brought out their best dance moves. All in all, another great day – hard to believe we only have two full days left here at Kesem!

IMG_8401 (2) IMG_7843 (2) IMG_7909 (2) IMG_8078 (2) IMG_8075 (2) IMG_8069 (2) IMG_8020 (2) IMG_8001 (2) IMG_7995 (2) IMG_7968 (2) IMG_7953 (2) IMG_8514 (2) IMG_8474 (2) IMG_8373 (2) IMG_8339 (2) IMG_8311 (2) IMG_8301 (2) IMG_8300 (2) IMG_8233 (2) IMG_8181 (2) IMG_8163 (2) IMG_8156 (2) IMG_8154 (3) IMG_8145 (2) IMG_8141 (2) IMG_8124 (2) IMG_8109 (2) IMG_8095 (2) IMG_8082 (2)IMG_8511 (2)IMG_8500 (2)IMG_8464 (2)IMG_8462 (2)IMG_8458 (2)

Day 2 Update

“Climbing down a hill is easy, but climbing up the hill is what makes climbing down all the more worthwhile,” Agent Abble told us, and in that quote she summed up a lot of what today was about. After a morning full of activities such as kickball and arts and crafts, campers hit the ropes courses. Whether it was by passing each other around in a trust fall or hoisting each other through a tire suspended in the air, campers learned the importance of trust and support. We were lucky enough to witness several moments we will never forget, as the older campers (TEAM YELLOW!)  conquered their fears on the high ropes course. We’ve got more pictures coming tomorrow morning from the younger campers (TEAM ORANGE) who had a wonderful trip to a farm and got to pet some animals…internet speed out here isn’t the greatest!

Lots of CK Love! ❤

IMG_7132 (2) IMG_7266 (2) IMG_7256 (2) IMG_7250 (2) IMG_7246 (2) IMG_7234 (2) IMG_7233 (2) IMG_7214 (2) IMG_7180 (2)IMG_7213 (2)IMG_7172 (2) IMG_7168 (2) IMG_7163 (2) IMG_7160 (2) IMG_7140 (2) IMG_7318 (2) IMG_7332 (2) IMG_7339 (2) IMG_7362 (2) IMG_7367 (2) IMG_7413 (2) - Copy IMG_7412 (2) IMG_7395 (2) IMG_7392 (2) IMG_7425 (2) - Copy IMG_7449 (2) - Copy IMG_7465 (2) - Copy IMG_7474 IMG_7386 (2) IMG_7481 (2) - Copy IMG_7494 (2) IMG_7500 (2) IMG_7503 (2) IMG_7516 (2) IMG_7547 (2) IMG_7573 (2) IMG_7601 (2)

Day 1 Update

We are happy to say that we have settled in for the night here at Camp Kesem! We had a wonderful day that started with camper drop off at Boston College and a long bus ride filled with lots of singing (Taylor Swift among other favorites)! Once we arrived at Camp Hayden-Marks, we met up with the rest of our campers and jumped right into a day jam packed with games and ice breaker activities that got us really excited for week to come.  We can’t thank the familes of our campers enough for helping our first day go so smoothly!  We hope you enjoy a few awesome pictures of the day.  Check back tomorrow for more updates (hint hint… ropes course!!)

IMG_7077 (2) IMG_7040 (2)IMG_7092 (2)IMG_7062 (2)IMG_7034 (2)IMG_6938 (2)    IMG_6956 (2)IMG_6997 (2)    IMG_7006 (2) IMG_6958 (3) IMG_6930 (2) IMG_6913 (2) IMG_6911 (3) IMG_6815 (2)IMG_6836 (2) IMG_6862 (2)IMG_6841 (2)IMG_6888 (2)  IMG_6883 (2)
IMG_6828 (2)   IMG_6875 (3)IMG_6853 (2)IMG_6877 (3) IMG_6838 (2) IMG_6943 (2) IMG_6952 (2)


Hello Friends!

We are SO excited for our first ever week of camp here at Camp Kesem Chestnut Hill! Our coordinators and counselors have been working incredibly hard for the last year to get ready for this week – and now it’s finally here! We wanted to create a space for pictures and memories to keep parents and friends of the campers in the loop, so you can share in the Camp Kesem experience with our campers. Check back for pictures and updates from Kesem throughout the week!

Much CK Love ❤